We Provide Covid-19 Testing, Vaccinations, and Wellness checks to our "High Risk" Senior population with in-home and drive-thru service across all 50 States. Contact us to make an Appointment.

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Covid-19 Wellness Checks

We provide in home Coronavirus (Covid-19) Wellness Checks to Seniors who have already been tested, for those who have not, and for those who have been vaccinated.

1. If you are over the age of 65 and have not been tested ever for Covid 19, you will need to be tested prior to vaccination.
2. If you are over 65 and wish to receive a vaccination it is recommended by the CDC to be tested prior to being vaccinated and after vaccination to monitor the effectiveness of the vaccination.
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COVID-19 is a Respiratory infection that has attributed to over 80% of all COVID19 deaths in the United States over 65.

If you’re a Senior, over 65 and symptomatic, call 1-888-311-9959 Today to get tested for R-P-P-COVID-19 in the comfort of your own home or Senior Living Center. If you qualify…a licensed Medical professional will come to your home to perform the test!

COVID-19 is the silent killer of our Seniors and it’s not going away!

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